About OSS Consultants

OSS Consultants partners with businesses to identify the risks associated with open-source software and to devise a tailored management strategy to mitigate them.

Unparalleled Expertise in Open-Source Collaboration

With a rich history spanning decades in the embedded software industry, OSS Consultants has a reputation for deep expertise and an unwavering commitment. We’ve partnered with a diverse range of clients, from nimble startups to global giants, crafting tailored solutions for each. We are more than just a consultancy; we work as a strategic ally to help you realize your open-source goals with precision and foresight.

Our Distinctive Edge

Unique expertise:

We leverage decades of hands-on experience in implementing OSPOs for Fortune 500 clients.

Compliance proficiency

We maintain knowledge of the dynamic open-source landscape to ensure your projects are compliant and hassle-free on an ongoing basis.

Seamless collaboration

We work closely with your developers and your unique culture, ensuring accelerated workflows and optimal efficiency.

Our Founder

OSS Consultants was established to bridge the knowledge gap in the management of open-source software use. Many organizations remain unaware of the potential risks associated with the use of open-source software. Even more surprisingly, the majority are not cognizant of the open-source software being used within their operations.

With roots in over two decades of engineering experience at General Motors, the company’s founder, Russ Eling, designed and executed one of the pioneering open-source software governance programs back in 2013. This initiative was regarded as one of the most comprehensive open-source software programs in the automotive industry. Russ also played a pivotal role in constructing and leading the Open-Source Program Office that was instrumental for reviewing software in every component used in GM vehicles worldwide.

Today, Russ and his team continue the tradition of delivering industry-acclaimed expertise, helping both industry giants and emerging businesses in seamlessly navigating the open-source landscape.

Russ Eling, Founder

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