Tailored Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Open-source software is used in nearly all industries, but each industry has its own set of unique challenges. At OSS Consultants, we have experience addressing these distinct differences.



Embedded / IoT

Developing code for embedded devices demands full stack knowledge – from hardware to applications – with literally hundreds of different technologies and APIs. Building a modern device is possible only because most of the complexity is abstracted away within hundreds of open-source dependencies. Whether you’re an IoT manufacturer, a silicon vendor, or a software solutions provider, we have the expertise to guide you through the maze of compliance issues lurking in your software stack and tool chain so you can focus on building products.


Open-source software permeates practically every aspect of enterprise IT systems, and your organization relies on more open source than you probably realize. Operating systems, databases, web servers, virtualization, containers, network monitoring, analytics, collaboration tools – all of it is crucially dependent on a vast interconnected network of open-source components and tools. Mismanaging software licensing can become a latent risk, potentially undermining your organization’s foundation. With our expertise, we ensure you steer clear of such pitfalls.



Much like other sectors, the finance industry has widely adopted open-source software within everything from core banking to risk management. Given the strict regulatory environment and sensitivity of financial data, it’s essential to ensure open-source components are secure, compliant to regulations, and do not introduce vulnerabilities. We help finance companies like yours in conducting proper open-source due diligence, safeguarding them from legal and operational challenges.


The mobile development industry leans heavily on open-source software, from CI/CD tools to UI/UX components. An overlooked compliance issue can risk app removal from necessary platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play. We partner with mobile companies to navigate through such challenges to ensure their mobile apps remain uncompromised.



From food to electronics, the manufacturing industry is increasingly using open source. Most products and tools spanning design, production, and operations rely heavily on open-source software. Having visibility into these systems is important for protecting manufacturing systems against zero-day exploits. We collaborate with manufacturers to maximize their uptime by understanding their open-source inventory and proactively keeping them ahead of vulnerabilities.


Smart Mobility

The smart mobility industry – smart cars, micromobility/last mile, smart cities, and fleet management – relies heavily on technology innovation and open-source software. Understanding the open-source implications within vehicle platforms, the telematics/cloud back-ends, the complex supply chain, and V2X infrastructure is critical to keeping our cities running and transportation networks flowing. Apart from ensuring security and regulatory compliance, there’s also the brand reputation to safeguard. We’re attuned to the complex smart mobility ecosystem, and help stakeholders across the ecosystem create resilient open-source processes.