Guided Consultation

OSS Consultants assists businesses in navigating open source software management. 

Bespoke Open-Source Strategies

Developing and maintaining software in a corporate setting is a complex task that is ever evolving. Sometimes aligning open-source strategies with business goals doesn’t fit into a pre-defined process. Here’s how our expertise can help create a custom path:

Team optimization:

Identify opportunities for training, improvement, and optimization within your team

Open-Source Analysis:

Assess your overall open source use, exposure, and risks

Merger and Acquisition Preparedness:

Prepare the necessary due diligence for mergers and acquisition

Open-Source Project Management:

Help structure, organize, and manage development and legal resources if your company wants to contribute to or start open-source projects

Global Regulation Consultation:

Consult for international regulations that involve open source, such as the U.S. FDA’s Cybersecurity in Medical Devices, or the upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act

Corporate Policy Design:

Develop corporate open-source policies for proper use and integration

License Conflict Resolution:

Identify and resolve conflicts between different open-source licenses

Agreement Reviews:

Review third-party agreements, ensuring licensing clauses align with corporate objectives

Empowering Organizations with Strategic Consulting

Our expertise transcends mere advice. We provide actionable strategies, shaping the future of organizations through conscientious open-source guidance. Here are some ways we’ve empowered our clients:

  • Tailored tool selection: Assisted with selecting software composition analysis (SCA) tooling that could meet all organizational needs
  • Dedicated open-source management: Supported ongoing initiative for open-source project and program stewardship
  • End-to-end program office staffing: Provided back-fill staffing for an Open-Source Program Office
  • License compliance roadmaps: Outlined roadmaps for better license compliance in OSS use
  • Open-source risk management: Balanced the benefits of using open-source software with proper risk management
  • Training initiatives: Held training and education sessions for legal, product leadership, security & procurement teams
  • Security: Acted as an organization’s cybersecurity team (both outsourced and in-house) for security architecture design, security implementation & forensic analysis
  • M&A open-source assessment: Analyzed open-source software for the due diligence phase of mergers, acquisitions & funding