Our OSPO-as-a-Service provides an outsourced, ready-to-implement solution tailored to meet your organization’s open source compliance needs.

Complement Your In-House Team with Ours

Even if you understand the importance of having an open-source program, bringing one in-house has its challenges. Perhaps you have limited resources, your organization is not ready to build a dedicated OSPO team, or you’re finding the quest for talent in this niche domain difficult. OSS Consultants can help you fill in the gaps.

That’s why we provide a Managed Open-Source Program Office (OSPO) service. We offer a fully outsourced OSPO function to your company with the expertise, resources, and dedicated support to effectively manage your open-source software adoption. We become an integrated, dynamic, and virtual extension of your software development team.


OSS consultants man typing at computer with file folder structure overlay over the image
Managed OSPO Solutions - An outsourced, ready-to-implement solution tailored to meet your open source compliance needs.


We offer the following services on an outsourced basis so that you can gain the necessary expertise without the in-house overhead:

  • Policy-based open-source management
  • Business goal alignment
  • Ongoing open-source software assessments
  • Vulnerability identification and resolution
  • SBOM creation and integration
  • Compliance artifact creation
  • Open-source inventory management
  • Tailored program and project management