OSPO Creation

Create a comprehensive Open Source Program Office (OSPO) within your organization.

Turn Open-Source Challenges Into Opportunities

Somewhere between 70-90% of the components that make up modern applications are open source. Although open source has been widely adopted across the digital ecosystem, many businesses are seeking help to better identify and understand their open-source inventory. OSS Consultants can help. We help you establish your own in-house open-source program office (OSPO), which helps build your own OSS competency and avoids vendor lock-in. This includes developing plans and formal OSS strategies so that companies can secure software and remediate non-compliancy issues, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing innovation. We work with you to recruit, train, and integrate open-source specialists into your team.


An open-source program office establishes formal policies for your company’s approach to open source. This includes setting development guidelines, overseeing license compliance, cultivating an open-source cognizant culture, and providing education on risks, benefits, and best practices.

Do you need an OSPO?

The OSPO serves as a center of OSS expertise within your company and is ideal if you need a scalable method to manage and track your company’s use of open source. An experienced OSPO can help:

  • Oversee a corporate open-source policy
  • Track and manage open-source licenses
  • Produce essential documentation such as notice reports, security reports, and SBOMs
  • Guide corporate stakeholders (such as executive, legal, procurement, and security) on informed open-source usage
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks throughout the software development life cycle

Establishing an in-house OSPO team requires expert guidance. OSS Consultants can help you ensure the implementation of efficient processes and design protocols that foster long-term cost savings, ensure maximum efficiency, and provide clear metrics for success.

oss consultants group of people at computers around a desk creating an open source program office

Customized Solutions

At OSS Consultants, we specialize in designing a comprehensive OSPO that is tailored to your organization. This ensures you’re equipped with the latest insights into your open-source software use, positioning you to adeptly navigate license compliance and bolster security. Our end goal? To empower your team with the necessary in-house expertise, ensuring you can thrive independently, even after our direct involvement ends.

    Benefits of our approach:

    • Open-source integration: Incorporate OSS best practices into your products and services
    • Stakeholder empowerment: Provide open-source guidance and expertise for key stakeholders and team members
    • Streamlined OSS management: Establish processes to identify, maintain, and effectively manage OSS use, including SBOMs
    • Licensing navigation strategy: Construct a robust policy to navigate diverse OSS licensing requirements