SBOM Management

Develop SBOMs for your products to ensure they meet customer requirements, industry standards, and government regulations.

Navigating Software Complexity with an SBOM

A software bill of materials (SBOM) is essentially a list of components in a piece of software that details the versions, licenses, and other pertinent information. It provides software transparency and facilitates inventory management. It is indispensable for ensuring license compliance and maintaining cybersecurity across products, services, and infrastructure. The importance of developing and maintaining SBOMs can’t be overstated because of mounting software complexity, heightened concerns about security and compliance, and increasing regulatory requirements.

We help organizations develop their open-source SBOM. We employ advanced technology to uniquely identify the existence of open-source code, even when it’s only a few lines from a public project. Trust us to help you develop and maintain your complete open-source inventory.

Software Bill Of Materials illustration for OSS Consultants

*Elements commonly requested in an SBOM

How Can I Leverage an SBOM?

  • Determine the open-source software within your code base
  • Stay vigilant against common vulnerabilities and exploits (CVEs)
  • Systematically address patches to remove bugs and vulnerabilities
  • Provide transparency to your customer and validate supplier deliverables
  • Align with government regulations and industry standards
  • Provide due diligence to prepare for mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify and avoid redundant libraries and modules
  • Make informed decisions about a product’s end-of-life
  • Understand and manage software dependencies

The Nuance of Code Snippets in an SBOM

Most scanning tools can only detect complete open-source components. However, the inclusion of a bit of open-source code can cause licensing requirements to virally spread to the rest of the component they reside in, even if the encompassing code isn’t open source. These open-source snippets may come from portions of repositories, individual source files, or even advice from a developer forum. Our process of generating SBOMs uses a combination of best-in-class commercial, open-source, and in-house tools, detecting even the smallest of code snippets residing within a code base and, ensuring the resulting SBOM is thorough and accurate.