Guided Consultation

OSS Consultants assists businesses in navigating open source software management. 

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Not Sure Where to Start?

  • You do not have an in-house Open Source Program Office (OSPO), but need an expert’s guidance to make the right decisions on how to approach and manage your use of open-source software (OSS). Or you need additional support or guidance to optimize your existing team and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • You are unsure how much open source your product contains or if your software is compliant with any associated licenses.
  • You want to be proactive and ensure you are ready for upcoming business opportunities such as a merger or acquisition.

OSSC has a Solution

OSS Consultants provides expert consulting to address your specific needs.

Some examples:

  • Assist with Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tooling to meet the needs of the organization
  • Management of SBOM (generate and consume)
  • Support for open source project and program management
  • Assistance with staffing your OSPO
  • Balancing the business benefits of using OSS, with the right amount of risk management
  • Roadmap to becoming more license compliant with your use of OSS
  • ​​Open Source analysis and expertise for the due diligence phase of upcoming mergers and acquisitions, or for funding stages
  • Training and education for internal stakeholders – Legal, Product Leadership, Procurement and others